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Do you ever get lost in the black hole of social media videos and before you know it, you are watching these amazing pay it forward videos? My favorite ones are where people pay for the groceries of the person behind them. Wowzers. 

Well, that's what I want to create here. As a career social worker, I knew that I needed to make giving back a big part of Whip It Good, so I created a way for us all to get involved. Here are the ways you can help!


Do you know someone who has been going through a lot? Maybe surgery, loss of a loved one, single parent, loss of a job, etc? Nominate them below to receive a Whip It Forward meal! Comfort food always makes people feel better, let me help put a smile on their face, even if for a minute. 


Do you have a loved one serving in our military overseas? Are they coming home soon? Let me provide them a delicious home cooked meal. I know when they are deployed, the meals aren't the greatest. I want to welcome them home with some Iowa cooked comfort food! I love and support our military members and this is the least I could do. You can nominate them in the link below. 

Donate Money For These Programs

As much as I would love to be able to do these all on my own, I am not to that point yet. Every dollar donated towards these programs, goes to purchase the food and cover the cost. I have an amazing community of customers who are SO giving! I truly can't do these programs without your support. You can donate in the link below. Thank you!!

Please note that I may not always have funds available to provide free meals but I will do everything that I can to make it happen! I do also ask that if you are nominating a family and they are chosen to receive a meal, that you are able to help with delivery. As of right now, it's just me cooking so I won't the time to deliver meals. Thanks so much for understanding!


You can donate any amount you want. Meals range in price from $20-$40. 

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Whip It Forward And Welcome Home Nomination Form

Thanks for nominating! Not all nominations will be fulfilled, but I will try hard! If chosen, I will send you an email.

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