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Whip It Good was started in 2020 by Emmalee Bowlin. She knew that after 15 years in social work, it was time for a change. Cooking as a huge passion of hers so she figured why not turn her passion into profit?

Emmalee started Whip It Good because friend had been telling her for MONTHS that she needed to do this and she figured she had been doing nothing but cooking during the pandemic so why not?! Cooking is truly Emmalee's passion, thanks to her amazing mom, Dixie. She has been cooking and catering for Emmalee's entire life and gave her a huge headstart on everything she knows. 

We focus on homecooked, comfort food. It's nothing fancy but it's tasty and kid approved! We like to tell people it's like stepping back into your grandma's kitchen when you take your first bite.

We love all of the support this amazing community has shown us and feel grateful every day for this business.

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