Hi! My name is Emmalee and I'm just a girl who loves to cook! I am a single mom to the best kid, Waylon. We have an English Bulldog, Lola, and a German Shepherd, Woody. Our life is full of laughter, love, sports, traveling, and food. After being a social worker for over 15 years, I took a HUGE leap of faith and launched Whip It Good full time in June of 2021.

I started Whip It Good because my friend had been telling me for MONTHS that I need to do this and I figured, I'm home cooking anyways, so why not?! I know so many people are busy or just simply don't want to or can't cook. That's where I come in. Cooking is truly my passion, thanks to my amazing mom, Dixie. She has been cooking and catering my entire life and I really look up to her. She taught me everything I know! 

I focus on hot, homemade meals to go for the busy family! I try to make my meals mostly from from scratch. They aren't fancy, but they are tasty and kid approved! I want people to be transported back to their grandma's kitchen when they take their first bite. Thanks for your support, it really means the world. This is a new adventure for me and so far, I am REALLY loving it! I hope you enjoy the food.