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Dixie Bowlin. A household name. An angel on earth. A servant's heart. My mom. My earliest childhood memories are being in the barn working with my dad or watching my mom cook in the kitchen. She is a staple in our community and has been cooking for families since the beginning of time. I knew that moving forward with my business meant I would be living out her dream so I wanted to make sure I honored her in the proper way. 
If you know my mom or have been blessed to have her food, you know she is something special. There's a little bit of magic in her cooking, I'm sure of it. Whether it is making more food than she knows what to do with, resulting in a text to us kids saying she has food, who wants some, or catering a wedding for 400+ people, she never ceases to amaze me. We have spent countless hours in her gorgeous kitchen. Baking, cooking, glazing, whipping, chopping, peeling, and laughing. Some of my favorite memories involve that kitchen. A tradition that my son and I always had was on Christmas morning. We would open our presents at home super early then head out to mom and dad's. Waylon, mom, and dad would be in the kitchen prepping for the big Christmas meal and I would be stuck wrapping all of the presents for the grandkids. Yes on Christmas morning and always in a rush before they arrived. 
When my dad passed away unexpectedly in 2018, my heart was crushed knowing we would never get to do that with him again. I was fearful that my mom's love and passion for cooking might dwindle as she learned how to navigate life without my dad. Afterall, there were so many memories of just the two of them in that kitchen that she designed and he worked hard to build. But sure enough, nothing could stop Dixie Lee from feeding her people and the masses. That's why I want to make sure she is weaved throughout this business. 
Everything I know about cooking, I learned from her. Watching her all those years, learning oven temps, all of the tedious steps involved in order to produce the most delicious food,  how to make the most perfect mashed potatoes, how to whip up soups with whatever you have, and most to give back to your community. My mom has donated so much of her time and food in order to help those in need. She is the inspiration behind Whip It Forward. Constantly going above and beyond for those around her. I am forever grateful I get to call her mom.

Whip It Good would not be possible without this amazing lady. Her endless support keeps me going. She tells me all the time how proud she is that I took this leap of faith and started this amazing business all on my own. That kind of support is hard to find these days but mama Dix has ALWAYS been there for her kids and we know that will never, ever change. So thank you, mom. Thank you for instilling your work ethic in me. Thank you for passing on your love and knowledge of cooking. Thank you for feeding our family and community. Thank you for just being you. I am forever grateful I was raised in my mama's kitchen.

Thanks for your support and expertise, mama! 

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